Kabsystem provides a maritime digital solution which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. We enable and optimise all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels.

Kabsystem is recognised for assisting customers by providing streamlined operations, a guaranteed service uptime of 99,5%, and a 24/7 operational support team. Kabsystem offers solutions for private secure mailsystem and our innovative solutions are created in a passionate in-house research and development environment.

Our purpose

We bring ship and shore closer


Kabsystem was born and raised at sea.

We constantly develop new and innovative solutions that make it easier for ship and crew to communicate with office and business partners, as well as family and friends.

This is how we help our customers succeed with their business. This is why we exist.

We bring ship and shore closer.




Our promise

Always in touch


We promise that information sent through Dualog will always make it safe ashore.

We promise to care about your business, your success. We will be curious, we will innovate and we will challenge the boundaries of technology and ourselves.

If something goes wrong, we will fix it. We will always be in touch.